fly me to the moon collection - wise trail running

Fly Me To The Moon range

Lightweight, sleek and minimalist products, designed as essential items in the runner's wardrobe.

Wise trail feeling, the committed clothing brand.
WISE was initially created to meet the requirements of the two founders of the brand. They wanted technical, light trail clothing that could be forgotten so that they could live the moment to the full. But above all, clothes that would not destroy their playing fields. For this, they created WISE and looked for suppliers as close as possible to where they live. Today, we are proud to offer you trail running equipment that combines all our values!

The fly me to the moon range, a wind of freedom on the trails.
Guillaume and Axelle have designed a range of running clothes that can be forgotten. Our outfits are amazing, once you put them on, you can't take them off. They disappear with each stride because they are so light. An ultra-soft French fabric to enhance your sensations! Made in France, our fly me to the moon collection is sleek and minimalist to last over time. Simple colours to make sure you'll never get tired of them.