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Wise, the brand for runners.
Wise is the story of Axelle and Guillaume, two trail enthusiasts. After meeting and running a few trails together, they realised that the equipment and clothing they were wearing did not respect their ecological values and their vision of trail running. So they took the plunge and created WISE. A brand of trail running clothes that respect the environment while being hyper qualitative and performing. They reverse the consumption, the clothes are sold in pre-orders, to be able to produce only the necessary.

WISE products, technicality and responsibility.
On our online shop you will find everything a runner needs, shorts, t-shirts, jackets, hydration equipment, skirts and accessories to accompany you on the trails. We allow our customers, future customers and ambassadors to help us co-create and imagine future products. To do this, nothing could be easier, go to our "co-creation" page and fill in the forms for the products that interest you. We will take into account your comments, your needs, your feedback, etc. Together let's create the future of trail running, the clothes that you will love, and that you will never get tired of.