En précommande

On this page you will find all the products that are currently on pre-order. Be among the first to get your hands on our new products!

Do you know how our pre-orders work?
The principle is simple. We set pre-order targets, we launch them, and once the targets are reached, we launch production. Why work with pre-orders? First of all, so that we don't produce too much. Thanks to pre-orders, we only produce the sizes that are needed and requested. With a normal sales approach, we would end up with unsold stock, which we would have to resell at a reduced price one day, otherwise we would lose money and material. Finally, we are a small company, we don't have unlimited cash flow, the pre-orders allow us to pay for our productions, so we are not obliged to overcharge our prices to have enough cash flow for future productions. We make sure we have a fair and transparent price all year round.

But when will I receive my order?
Very good question! We try to predict the number of pre-orders we will produce. Thanks to this, we can know (approximately) how many products per size to produce and therefore how long it will take to produce them. We know that most of our pre-orders are sold and produced within three to four months. This gives us time to receive prototypes, to validate them so that the products are of great quality, and then to produce them and send them to you!