Sherpa Series

Sherpa Series

Run with the sensation of wearing nothing.

Our Sherpa shorts have unimagined carrying capacities!
We have created innovative hydration belts that increase your trail running experience tenfold. With an unequalled capacity, they allow you to carry everything you need for a trail run, while feeling like you're not wearing anything.

The Sherpa Race is our lightweight, high-performance product. Its 360 belt allows you to carry 2 flasks of 500mL in an ergonomic way, in addition to the 2 side pockets with quick access that will carry gels, nutrition, keys, credit cards etc. A modular pole holder system completes the belt. 

Its built-in boxer shorts are made of an exceptionally comfortable and high-performance material and make you feel like you're flying on the trail. 

The Sherpa Max is our most complete product. In addition to the 360 belt of the Sherpa Race, it has a shorts and 2 side stretch pockets (smartphone size) to accommodate a phone and extra nutrition. 

It has the capacity of a small trail bag, which is ideal to leave with the feeling of carrying nothing on longer outings (from 2 to 5 hours depending on the level of practice). 

The Sherpa belt is the simplified version of our innovative carrying system. A little overshadowed by its two big brothers, it is nevertheless one of the most efficient hydration belts on the market (the lightest, the most stretchy).